Runnin' With The Devil (Shadow of the Demon Lord / Godless: World of Fire & Blood)

The universe unravels as the Hunger in the Void draws near to Urth, casting a terrible shadow from which untold horrors are spawned. Mortals know this destroyer by many names. He is the One Foretold, the Darkness Without, the Bringer of Endings, and the Old Hatred, and many other epithets, but no matter what name it wears, this being—this Demon Lord— aspires to unmake creation, annihilating everything and everyone in so doing.

But that's not your concern. You are one of several hired swords (or daggers or staves) helping to provide protection for the caravan of a mysterious noble, hooded and cloaked, from a far-off land you've never heard of, traveling from Vornheim to the Free City of Dis.

Or, more simply put, you're on a milk run. All you care about is the generous pay you're going to get once you arrive in Dis, and how much of it you intend to spend in carousing and debauchery in a city known for carousing and debauchery of all kinds.

As the days goes by, you begin to notice all kinds of odd things about your patron, slowly beginning to realize that they are not what they seem to be, and you feel what can only be described as mocking and evil intent whenever you are near their wagon...


All rules will be taught at the table -- the system is simple and intuitive. Dice will be available, but if you do bring your own, you'll need only a 20-sided die and 4-5 d6's. Not recommended for players under the age of 16, please. 

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Event Date 03-18-2017 3:00 pm
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Capacity 6
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Cut off date 03-07-2017 12:00 am
Game Master Tom Cadorette
Location Labyrinth Games
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